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Lecetia said:   September 27, 2017 1:08 pm PST
Lecretia I have had three sessions. They've been very helpful! Two sessions were Between Lives or Past Life Regression. I appreciate that the sessions are recorded, so I can listen to them as often as needed. I value having this information and how it can benefit my life now. Several years prior to any of my sessions, I tried conventional medicine to resolve health issues. It was a very temporary fix, like putting a bandaid on a massive wound. The problems grew back within a few short years of medications and surgery even. My third session was to deal with stress and how I felt it was impacting my mindset and body. I'm generally rather laid back and joful but was growing increasingly frustrated dealing with the "adults" I worked with daily. My body was creating tumors and other ailments again to let me know some form of change was needed. Towards the end of the session, I noticed one tumor began shrinking. Within hours after the session, I noticed a second tumor began shrinking also. Since then, the smallest tumor has completely left my body. Also, I was able to start recalling pieces of dreams again. Unfortunately this session was not in office (as I moved half way across the U. S. about a year or so before this session), so I can't listen to it as needed. I am very interested in more sessions and would even like to take the training classes offered to help others along their paths, as well. Merlin was professional and courteous. He explained the process was and was interesting to talk with. I highly recommend using the Merlin Centre to help with you needs!

Mike Greene said:   September 20, 2017 9:27 am PST
I have been smoking steady for over 46 years. I have tried the gum, patches and pills and nothing ever worked. I decided to try something different because I really wanted to stop killing my self so I called the Merlin Centre to try Hypnotherapy. I was nervous and uptight before the session but Robert Merlin and his staff put me at ease and made me feel very comfortable. When the hypnosis was over I felt more at ease, much less stressful and so very calm. It was a wonderful experience and I had NO urge to smoke at all. I should have done this years ago but I listened to other people and what they thought would happen if I was hypnotized even though they had not ever been hypnotized. I am now a non-smoker. I also have been sleeping better all night long without waking up. I have not been able to do that in years! My clothes do not smell like smoke anymore and I feel better,breathe better and I am coughing very little now. I would recommend Hypnosis to anyone, especially if you have tried everything else and it has failed. I look forward to being a non-smoker for the rest of my life. I am not a gimmick person but this has worked like a miracle for me. I am so thankful for Robert Merlin and what he has helped me do.

Tiffany Noulles Vestal said:   August 31, 2017 11:02 am PST
Robert Merlin has been wonderful with my weight loss. I was told by my medical doctor that I would not be able to lose the weight due to a medication that I am on related to breast cancer. I have lost 20 pounds with only 10 more to go. I highly recommend him for weight loss and any other issues you may have. The mind is very powerful and he helps you to tap into that power to overcome obstacles in your life.

Phyllis said:   July 18, 2017 3:35 pm PST
I had been trying for 30 years to stop smoking. Patches, chantex, cold turkey and nothing worked. I might stop for a few weeks but I would start up again. I was uptight and nervous about trying Hypnosis and I did not even know if it would work on me. Merlin made me feel so comfortable and explained how the program worked and it made sense to me. The office was professional and so was the staff. When the hypnosis started I felt myself just letting go and enjoying the feeling of peace that came over me. When it was over I felt wonderful. It was so calming and heavenly that I felt better right away. It was a restful experience. I just wish I could feel like this all the time without having to get over something. As soon as the session was done I did not want to smoke at all and it stayed that way! I could not believe it and it was so easy. I would Definitely recommend the Merlin Centre and Robert Merlin to my friends and family. If you want to stop smoking this will do it for you. It did for me.

Roger Lane said:   December 14, 2016 3:47 pm PST
I was really worried about a big exam I had to take and I could not focus or retain what I was reading. I made an appointment at the Merlin Centre to see Robert Merlin. I was very confused, scared and worried before I went. I felt at ease as soon as I entered the office and met Robert. The office was inviting and the space was very positive and professional. After the relaxing sessions, I felt very confident, inspired, not scared at all, not worried anymore and I found it easier to study for the exam. My retainment and comprehension of the material was greatly improved. The hypnosis and the study techniques I was taught will help me now and in the future. I wish I had done this before! I now feel totally ready to take the test because I now feel more confident in myself and my new skills. This was a great thing I did for myself. If I have any more needs in the future I will not hesitate to call the Merlin Centre for help.

Emmalee said:   November 10, 2016 1:11 pm PST
I was hopeless about losing weight! I had tried many other things to lose weight including gastric bypass. Bypass worked to a point but I was not where I wanted to be, I was still focusing on food. Hypnosis was my last effort before giving up permanently. I am so hopeful and confident I will continue losing weight with the help of Mr. Merlin and hypnosis. I am no longer going to settle for where I am weight wise. I don't think of food all of the time. I have three pieces of my favorite chocolate sitting beside me at night and they are not a problem. I have lost 30 lbs. since I started hypnosis. People who know me have commented that I am more calm and peaceful. I am very excited about my progress and confidence with weight loss.

K.R. said:   October 24, 2016 2:49 pm PST
I did It! I am down to 185 lbs for the first time in a long time. My next goal is 175 and I will do it with Robert Merlins help and the Merlin Centres Weight Wellness Program that is different from anything I have done before. I could not have done it without Roberts help. Go see them and get rid of those pounds. I did.

Beverly Sappington said:   October 24, 2016 2:41 pm PST
My weight gain was out of control. I had tried every diet and diet center you could think of. I lost weight but I always gained it back. It was always a constant battle with food and eating. After a few visits to the Merlin Centre I felt much calmer and peaceful. I found myself making better choices without really having to think about it. Also food was not the main thing on my mind every minute. I was even eating smaller portions and felt great. It was like I was finally listening to my highest self. If you want to lose the old habits about food, the Merlin Centre can help. It did with me and I am so grateful.

Mary Katherine Davis said:   October 24, 2016 2:30 pm PST
I wanted to quit smoking. I went to the Merlin Centre after trying everything else. I was nervous before I went but the office was professional and comforting at the same time. After the first session I went from one pack a day to smoking only two cigarettes a day. After the second session I quit completely and I am Now excited to be a non-smoker! I would tell anyone to go see Robert Merlin if you want to quit. He knows what to do to help you stop.

Joseph D. said:   October 24, 2016 2:22 pm PST
I went to the Merlin Centre to quit smoking. I was very nervous but excited to see if hypnosis would work. After Robert Merlin talked with me I felt much more relaxed. After the first session I did not even feel like smoking at all. It was amazing! It was a great experience and I would recommend the Merlin Centre to anyone who wants to quit. It Works .

Maggie said:   September 28, 2016 4:07 pm PST
I had lost 55 pounds and then, like many others, found that I was gaining it back. When I had gained back 30 of the lost pounds I decided to try hypnosis. Honestly, I was hoping he was going to do something quick and easy like "Mmm chocolate is awful and broccoli is wonderful." and we'd be done. It wasn't that simple. Robert does indeed give you the tools you need to get to your goals. It's not a snap session, it's over time, but I did what he told me to do, and it has worked. I'm not there yet, but I am right there knocking at the door of a really good weight for me. He may not tell you what you want to hear, but he will tell you what you need to hear. Give it a try!

Michael Fryar said:   August 5, 2016 9:22 am PST
Robert Merlin is an amazing master clinical hypnotist. His treatment for my claustrophia was immediately successfully and now riding in elevators after being stuck inside a couple of times is actually peaceful for me. He has also helped me immensely with the discovery and establishment of genuine spiritual awareness. I am forever in his debt. He is simply an amazing practitioner and person, I highly recommend his services.

Nadine Money said:   July 29, 2016 9:14 am PST
I met Robert Merlin as a last resort to try and lose weight. I was hoping this would help but really didn't believe that i would be a long term lasting solution. I had been on many rollercoaster rides with all the different diets losing and gaining more weight. I was amazed that within literally a couple of weeks i started looking at food differently. I was no longer consumed with planning around food, etc, especially since i knew exactly what to do and that no foods were off limit. I now have the tools that i need thanks to the Dr! I would strongly recommend anyone no matter what your problem is to see him. He is very personable, easy to talk to and has a great sense of humor. He has no idea how much he has changed my life and i am grateful to him.

Jackie B. said:   May 3, 2016 5:13 pm PST
I saw Robert Merlin at the Merlin Centre and I can see why he is so successful. His office provides a wonderful atmosphere of Peace and Safety. He is very professional and easy to speak with. I felt a new sense of personal power and was able to speak up for myself after the session. I am looking forward to continuing my visits to the Merlin Centre.

Cristina Gherghe said:   April 10, 2016 6:37 am PST
I can say I am a rational person, but my fear of flying had nothing rational in it. I tried my best in the past to talk myself out of it, I also tried situational stress medicines or a whiskey shot (!) before a flight, all without success. When I started to work with Robert, I was hoping hypnosis may help, but I never expected it to work so well! While before I was paralyzed by fear at every take off and landing, I was surprised to notice that, after working with him, I was actually enjoying it! How amazing! Thank you, Robert!

Karen B. said:   March 16, 2016 5:00 pm PST
I am still not smoking after four years after going to the Merlin Centre and seeing Robert Merlin for the smoking cessation program. It was worth every penny! Robert Merlin is a blessing and he helped to change my life.

Elizabeth Lang said:   March 16, 2016 3:52 pm PST
Follow up to smoking cessation. It has been seven months and I still have not touched a single cigarette!

Rick King said:   March 9, 2016 12:07 pm PST
I wanted to stop smoking. I had failed time after time. Drugs ,patches, cold turkey and nothing ever worked. I had heard that hypnosis might help and I had heard about the Merlin Centre and Robert Merlin from a friend of mine. I made an appointment and boy am I glad I did! Not only am I a non-smoker now but I feel better about myself and life in general. It was a wonderful experience. If you want to give up smoking you have to do this. I recommend the Merlin Centre to everyone who wants to quit for good.

Michael L. said:   November 13, 2015 10:51 am PST
I wanted to quit smoking. I had tried the patches, the e cigs, the gum and Wellbutrin and nothing worked for me. I made an appointment at the Merlin Centre to try hypnotherapy to stop the 40 year old habit. I really did not know if it would work or not but I was willing to spend the money and try. If it did work it would be worth every penny. The sessions made me very relaxed and were very comforting. After the first session I have not smoked at all! Every day with the help of the Merlin Centre and hypnosis, I feel stronger and stronger about being a non-smoker forever. I did not realize it would be this easy. I should have done this years ago. Now I will live my life smoke free and will never look back. I recommend Robert Merlin to anyone who wants to give up smoking. This is one of the best things I have ever done for myself.

Mike Bryant said:   October 8, 2015 1:46 pm PST
I went to the Merlin Centre when my medical doctor suggested I see Robert Merlin to lose over 70 pounds. I had been there over a year ago to stop smoking with my wife and we both are still non-smokers. I had been struggling to lose weight and nothing seemed to work. I was stressed over work and I was eating all the wrong foods at all the wrong times. In also was not sleeping well and I was very irritable. After just a few sessions I noticed I was so much more relaxed during the day and things did not seem to bother me as much. I also found the program to be so easy to follow and the weight started falling off very easily. It has been three months and I have lost over 30 pounds and 17 inches! I have changed my eating habits and the processed foods I was eating. The hypnotherapy seemed to make everything easier. I also am sleeping better. I should have done this a long time ago. If you need to lose weight go to the Merlin Centre for Hypnosis & Enlightenment, you will not be disappointed. I highly recommend Robert Merlin to anyone.

Sue S said:   September 16, 2015 8:18 am PST
I just achieved my 50 Lbs weight loss and well being. It has been a long and rough Journey but with Robert's help my goal has been reached. I have transformed into the person I so wanted to be again. I understand my foods and my moods so much better. I like myself again and can do all of the things I have wanted to do but just couldn't. Thanks! My Journey is not over. Thanks for the inspiration.

Crystal W. said:   September 10, 2015 8:40 am PST
I came to the Merlin Centre to stop eating foods that gave me allergic reactions and to change my poor eating habits. I had been to another hypnotist and I did not have a good experience nor did I get the results that I went there for. I even got a headache. The session I had with Robert Merlin was completely different. Before the session I was stressed, tense and very distracted. I felt so calm and peaceful during the hypnosis that I could not even feel my body. I felt so much lighter. When it was over I did not want to get out of the chair because I felt so good. I felt more positive and encouraged about my issue then I have felt in a long time. I would highly recommend the Merlin Centre to anyone who wants to make changes in their life.

Elizabeth Lang said:   September 9, 2015 3:10 pm PST
I went to the Merlin Centre to stop smoking. I felt hopeless and that smoking would control my life forever. I had tried to quit many times but always was unable to quit no matter what I tried. None of it worked. I was unsure of hypnosis and did not know if it would work for me. After the session I felt so centered. After the first session I did not want a cigarette at all! I could not believe it. The feeling ,the wanting, the craving was gone. I can now say no to tobacco and I can take back control of my life again. I can see people around me smoking and I can appreciate that I am not one of them. I am no longer a smoker. I can not wait to run my first marathon. I feel I can do anything now. This was the biggest stronghold I have ever overcome and I could not do it alone. I am so proud of myself. I am now a non-smoker. I will always be a non-smoker. This victory feels amazing. I have not had a cigarette since the first session nor will I ever. Thank you so much Robert Merlin for helping me overcome this horrible habit and start my new healthy life. If you or someone you know is a tobacco user, tell them to go to the Merlin Centre. It could save their life.

Rossie Fishel said:   May 14, 2015 2:12 pm PST
I really wanted this hypnosis to work. I was skeptical. But I had tried everything to smoking. I tried the patches, the nicotine gum and cold turkey and none of them worked. Then my doctor put me on chantix twice and wellbutrin also. They just made me have bad dreams. Then I called the Merlin Centre and made an appointment. The office atmosphere was very professional and so was Robert Merlin. I felt comfortable and at ease. I had never been hypnotized and I did not know what to expect. I can not remember being so relaxed before. After the sessions I felt refreshed and calm. It was a great experience and I would recommend Robert and the Merlin Centre to anyone. I had been smoking for over 40 years and in just a few sessions I have no urge to smoke at all. I am not smoking anymore and I do not want to. I am tickled by the outcome and a little surprised. Robert is the real deal. I am going to tell my friends about him so they can stop smoking also.

John W. said:   April 22, 2015 4:25 pm PST
I have been smoking for 35 years. I tried the patches and the drugs they gave to stop smoking. They did not work for me. I did not know where to turn and a friend told me about the Merlin Centre so I called them. They explained the program to me so I set up an appointment. They office was professional and made me feel comfortable. Robert Merlin put me at ease and soon we did the hypnosis. I felt more relaxed as the session went on. I was amazed at the results. I have not thought about cigarettes or wanted one since the sessions. If you want to stop smoking I highly recommend the Merlin Centre. You will not regret it. Now I can say I am a nonsmoker!

Luce P. said:   April 22, 2015 4:07 pm PST
I went to one of Mr. Merlins' classes in Virginia Beach about Do's and Don'ts of Client Interaction. It was a four hour course and it was excellent. The material was relevant and was well presented. He was great at answering questions and he really has a lot of knowledge on the subject. I would attend his classes in the future.

Sarah A. said:   April 13, 2015 11:57 am PST
I went to one of Roberts classes and I enjoyed the class and I learned a lot. He is an excellent instructor and he kept my interest and attention through out the class. He covered the subject very well. I found the class to be excellent.

Greg F. said:   April 13, 2015 11:43 am PST
I attended Robert Merlins' Marketing for Success Class and I found it to be thoroughly enjoyable and packed full of valuable information and ideas that I can use professionally and personally. Mr. Merlin is responsive to individual and class needs. The class sustained my interest and was well presented.

Ralph M. said:   April 10, 2015 5:30 am PST
I have been smoking for over 40 years and have tried everything to quit and nothing worked. I was worried about my health. I called the Merlin Centre and made an appointment for their smoking cessation program and I am glad I did. Robert Merlin put me at ease right away after we talked about the hypnosis and the sessions. I was very relaxed during the session and it was not like what I thought it would be like the stuff on tv. After just two sessions I have not smoked at all. The best thing is I do not even want to smoke and I do not even think of cigarettes anymore. It is the best investment in my health I have ever made. I highly recommend the Merlin Centre and Robert Merlin to anyone who wants to quit. It was quick and easy for me. I should have done this a long time ago.

Sue S. said:   November 27, 2014 7:31 am PST
I purchased a Living Social or Groupon to try Hypnosis. What I didn't know was the fact that I had so many other issues going on. Between my first and second sessions my life was shattered with the suicide of my husband. Robert helped me through this awful time in my life. After work on myself and a year later we started Hypnosis on the anniversary of my husband's death, it was moving and rewarding. More counseling and by the beginning of 2014 he felt I was ready to start my weight loss. My weight has always been an issue primarily from stress. In March we started a process of self awareness, self confidence, self love and of course weight loss. It has taken Hypnosis to keep me positive and true. Now November 2014, I am 42 pounds lighter, happier and healthier. I have confidence with the continued tools and ideas Hypnosis has given me I will be able to keep my weight in check. This was a year of drastic change for me. Next year will yield more and I now look forward to a beautiful beginning.

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VSM said:   February 14th, 2012 4:38 pm
I have been trying to lose weight for years. One diet after the other. You name it and I have tried it. The Problem was I lost the weight then gained it back and then some. Then I felt guilty and depressed. This rollercoaster would not stop. So I had heard that hypnotherapy worked for many people so I decided to try it. That is when I found the Hypnotherapy Center and Robert Merlin. I do not know what I expected but was I surprised. No diets, no lectures, no guilt, no hunger. It was like I was finally listening to myself. Wanted to eat the right foods in the right amounts. I was getting rid of my old habits and changing them for new ones that were better for me. And it was easy. I was never even hungry or having cravings or urges for food anymore. I just seemed to do what I always wanted to do but never did. All I know is that it worked for me. I will never go back to those old eating habits again! I look good and I feel good. This really was a lifestyle change for me. Robert was caring, empathetic and always made me feel good about myself. If you are thinking about losing weight you HAVE to try hypnotism. Robert, thank you so much for helping find the real me that had been hidden for so long. Life is so much better now.

PLS said:   February 9th, 2012 2:41 pm
My surgery was scheduled at 5:30pm with arrival at 4:00pm. I listened to the Pre-Surgery CD that you created from our office session around 1:30pm before leaving home. By the time I arrived for the procedure, I was so relaxed and not as nervous as I usually am. Since my session with you, my pain level has decreased tremendously. I managed to go without pain meds until 5am. I did pass a few very small stones. I am looking forward to see how my recovery progresses.

BLK said:   December 14th, 2011 2:51 pm
After years and years of playing basketball and softball and turning my ankle, I realized it was time to solve the problem of my reoccurring ankle instability. The surgical date was set, but emotionally, I was filled with situational stress and trepidations. I sought Robert's advice and with his help, I am currently 6 weeks removed from complete ankle reconstruction. I only used pain medication for the first 4 days following surgery (mostly to dull the pain from the nerve block wearing off; BTW I totally do not recommend a nerve block), and I have well surpassed my surgeon's expectations for recovery. Since my recovery has progressed so rapidly, my surgeon skipped the walking boot altogether: I graduated from a plaster cast to a lace up brace. The 8 inch scar in barely noticeable, and most notably, I am pain-free! The success of this surgery can be attributed 100% to you, Robert, for understanding my complicated psyche, for unearthing my resilience, and for instilling a swift and painless recovery process. I truly believe, had it not been for you and your methods, I would have needed more pain medication, and I would not have been as advanced in my recovery process. For this, I am grateful.

Patricia S. said:   November 17th, 2011 9:15 am
I just wanted to thank you so much for helping me out. I was so close to the point of cancelling the appointment but I am glad I did not. I had been wanting to do this for a couple of years but I was unsure. After yesterday afternoon, I did not think I would be able to go under hypnosis or benefit from this but I did. I remember you telling me right before I left that I would probably have a very good night sleep. I kept remembering on my way home as I was not quite sure if I would actually be able to sleep much anyway. For the past few weeks, I have had some pain in my lower back due to osteoarthritis. I went to bed at approximately 1:30am Friday night and woke up at 11:00am Saturday morning. I could not believe that I slept that long. I have never been so relaxed and it feels good. Again, thanks and I will see you in two weeks.

jah said:   June 16th, 2011 8:12 pm
Incredible! Robert really helped me get to the root of the issue and was able to put together an amazing program. His intuitive approach and imaginative methods are really making a difference in my life. He is an A-list resource who I am delighted to be working with.

JDH said:   June 2nd, 2011 10:06 am

The experience is not unlike putting on your first pair of glasses. I am amazed at how different life looks after just a few sessions. Robert Merlin works with you to help you establish new habits that will manifest the you that was there at the core all along. I only wish I had done it sooner!

ABIGAIL HARRIS said:   April 26th, 2011 8:33 am
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